I have been fishing in Washington State for over twenty years and a Washington fishing guide for the past 15 years.

I have fished in many parts of the world from Thailand to Dubai and many other places in between. If it swims I have tried to catch it, and there are a lot more fish to be caught. Fishing is not just a job or a hobby for me, it’s my passion. I have always loved fishing since I was a small boy. I love everything that fishing has to offer. Whether it’s the natural beauty of the rivers and forests of Washington, or the thrill of catching a new type of fish. I also love helping people catch fish they have never caught before or may have never been able to catch on there own. One of the best things for me as guide is to see the look on someone’s face when they hook in to there first wild steelhead, or there first big salmon or trout. The look on there face and the thrill that they get is what great memories are made of, that goes double for young kids.

~Mike Ainsworth


Arapaima from Thailand


WA. King Salmon